Aluminum Repair

Aluminum Repair Service

The automotive sector sees a bright future in aluminum. Elite Collision Center LLC, we offer the most professional aluminum repair services in the industry. Aluminum is difficult to handle than steel, and we are well aware of this fact. Since this distinction might lead to severe complications, our staff have the necessary knowledge and training. As part of our mission, we offer reasonably priced aluminum repair services.

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To have your vehicle’s aluminum properly repaired, bring it to Elite Collision Center LLC, the best auto bodyshop in Dallas, TX. If the car is damaged beyond repair, we will let you know and help you consider your replacement choices. Elite Collision Center LLC’s specialists have the proper knowledge and experience to resolve multiple factors. They know everything there is to know about fixing aluminum and will provide you with nothing but the best service.

  1. Different molding of aluminum

In the case of aluminum, the original form gets permanently lost. Our professionals that often work with this material already know a great deal about this. 

  1. Reacts differently to heat

The speed at which heat passes through aluminum is significantly increased due to its superiority as a heat conductor. This type of welding necessitates much training and experience. Improper treatment will weaken the material over time. When joining aluminum, we employ special tools.

  1. Doesn’t mix well with steel

Steel and aluminum are both corrosive, meaning accidental contact will cause immediate harm. The corrosive reaction is easy to notice if the same tool was previously used to repair steel and then uses to repair aluminum. Our technicians know how to utilize the various instruments safely and effectively without causing any harm to the materials we’re working with.

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