Fender Repair

Fender Repair Service

Our fender repair services are Unmatched 

Elite Collision Center LLC’s skilled and trusted crew maintains the highest standards of fender repair no matter how severe your fender damage is or what material your vehicle’s body is composed of. Our team is ready to repair any level of damage to your fender and car, from a minor ding to a catastrophic loss.

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The process of Fender repairing:

Elite Collision Center LLC employs only the most qualified specialists, whose expertise is unrivaled in the industry. If your vehicle’s fender requires repair, our skilled team will get it back to you in tip-top shape. Our method for fixing fender damage is straightforward.

Step 1:

Elite Collision Center LLC’s skilled technicians will first remove your vehicle’s fender to check for concealed damage. All the moving parts and systems in your car are calibrated to provide the highest level of protection possible, but the damage that isn’t immediately apparent could compromise this integrity.

Step 2:

After a comprehensive examination, the fender is fixed. To determine the entire degree of the damage, any actual trim and hardware are removed. This will allow for thoroughly examining the fender and developing an optimal strategy for repairing it. Repairs are made, primer is applied, allowed to dry, and then sanded down to provide a smooth surface for painting.

Step 3:

To make your fender look new, a clear coat is applied after the paint is mixed using a computer to ensure an exact match to the color of your vehicle’s paint. When a dent or scrape discovers beneath the fender and fixes correctly, the fender works on to get it back into form and repainted, so it looks brand new.

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