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Auto Glass Repair Service

High-quality Auto glass repair Services by Elite Collision Center LLC

Many potential hazards can damage your auto glass. We have a simple method for fixing the types of auto glass issues. You can have your auto glass repair by the best shop in town, thanks to Elite Collision Center LLC. Our company uses an optically-matched resin to fix cracked or shattered glass. We focus on each detail during the repair process to ensure a seamless final appearance.

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The process of repairing:

For auto glass repair Dallas, TX, we follow a specific procedure. We take great care during this procedure so our customers can enjoy the highest standard of vehicle maintenance possible. How we get things done around here:

Step 1:

Members of our technical staff regularly assess the state of the glass. It all starts with a good cleaning by the team members. Our cleaning process is very thorough to prevent any significant damage to the vehicle. Any auto glass suffers chips due to the loose fragments being thrown away.

Step 2:

Afterward, a vacuum implies to the current region to remove residual air pressures inside the chip. An injection of resin is then made into the injured area. The broken glass will get a patch fix to its surface.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to wait for the surface to dry where the damage was fixed. As soon as the fixing is done, we’ll get to this. Under the UV lamps, the new surface will harden. When you apply this, it will act as a sealant for the patched glass in that location.


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