Authorization Form

By signing below, I give Elite Collision Center LLC permission to complete the work specified in the written estimate. Costs for diagnosis and repair work are accounted for in the provided estimate. All listed prices for parts are current as of the date of this listing but are subject to change without prior notice. Elite Collision Center LLC will work with my insurance provider to pay for additional parts or labor that may be required after a thorough examination. If I am footing the bill for the maintenance, I will be called for further approval. By signing below, I give Elite Collision LLC permission to send a driver with my car for any necessary road tests, inspections, or deliveries. Before having my vehicle serviced, I understand that it is my obligation to remove all of my possessions and that Elite Collision Center LLC and its staff will not be held liable for any loss or vandalism to my vehicle or any personal item left in the car, regardless of value.

Payment Authorization

By signing this form, I agree that Elite Collision Center LLC may receive reimbursement from my insurance company for any repairs to my vehicle. Elite Collision Center LLC is my attorney-in-fact, and I authorize them to accept cheques, draughts, and bills of exchange on my behalf and to make deposits to my account in the amount of the repairs to my vehicle as a credit. If my insurance carrier doesn’t cover the entire cost of restoring my car to pre-accident condition, I will be liable for paying my deductible and any monies necessary to account for depreciation and improvement. Before the vehicle is delivered, the customer must agree to and pay for the total amount of the repair expenses. An express mechanic’s lien is acknowledged for the number of repairs hereto. I also agree to pay appropriate attorney’s fees and court costs if legal action is required to enforce this agreement.


  • All repairs must be paid in full prior to vehicle release unless prior arrangements have been made
  • On amounts over $500.00, we accept:

–Insurance draft/check                                      –Cash

–Visa                                                                  –Mastercard

–Discover                                                           –Money order

–Cashier’s check                                               –Personal check

  • All deductibles are payable to Elite Collision Repair Center
  • Two & three party checks must be endorsed by all parties including lienholders prior to vehicle release.
  • I have read and understand Elite Collision Repair Center’s Vehicle Release Policy______.
  • I understand that estimated delivery date is not guaranteed and is subject to change______.
  • Vehicles not picked up within 2 days of completion will charged a $10 per day storage fee.