Our Process

Elite Collision Center LLC

Elite Collision Center LLC in Ennis, TX, follows a six-step process to guarantee that you fully understand how a collision repair is typically handled. It’ll help you prepare for the repair procedure and know what to expect once you can safely drive your car. Your vehicle will be reconditioned and repaired by our skilled team at a reasonable cost.

Car service worker with a paint gun in his hand works in a automobile painting booth

Estimate - Drop Off

Call or bring your crashed car to our shop if you’ve been in an accident or collision. While actively inspecting any current or possible damage to your vehicle, our experts will work with your insurance carrier to produce an accurate estimate.

Auto painter spraying red paint on car in auto workshop, hail damage, elite collision center


The car will be disassembled when it has passed inspection. The shop will order the required components once the customer’s insurance company has authorization.


elite collision center


After the car’s body is repaired to perfection, it will be measured digitally to ensure it is brought back to factory standards. This will help keep the car’s framework in good shape. Here is where suspension adjustments and wheel alignment are performed.

elite collision center

Prep & Paint

Once the paint job is done, the automobile will be analyzed by a computerized measuring system to ensure it is brought back to factory standards. Our painting project includes patching damaged areas and replacing panels before priming and sanding.

Young car painter examines the surface of the car bumper in detail for the quality of the paintwork


The reassembly is precisely what it sounds like: the car will be put back together with all the right panels, glass, and hardware.

Auto mechanic working and painting a red van in a special booth

Quality Control Inspection

As a crucial differentiator amongst collision repair facilities, quality assurance is essential. After the exterior and interior have been cleaned thoroughly, the car will undergo a comprehensive physical check of all mechanical parts to guarantee reliability and optimal performance.

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